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A Word on Operational Excellence

In an article entitled Operational Excellence, John A. Mitchell, wrote these words regarding the importance, regardless of industry, that proper maintenance plays to every company.

“The most enlightened enterprises consider maintenance an essential component of the core business value-producing process, i.e., a fully empowered, equal partner of production operations. Operational Excellence solidifies this important relationship, adds support functions and moves the enterprise working culture into an optimally effective partnership.”

Don’t take a shrug your shoulders approach to onsite breakdowns. Failing to implement preventive maintenance is tantamount to the same thing. Yes, breakdowns happen. Accidents happen, but responsible corporations have the forethought and initiative to avoid them by engaging preventive measures. Prolong the life-cycle of your equipment, prevent costly shutdowns and minimize emergency repairs. Contact Quality Millwrights today for a free inspection – 3 decades of proven experience at your fingertips.


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