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Preventive Maintenance – Convincing the Decision Makers

Your company can save time and bushels of money by implementing a preventive maintenance plan, but how do you convince the decision makers?

Keep it simple but provide detailed specifics.


The company is vulnerable.

Make it clear to decision makers that the company is vulnerable and will face costly repairs following breakdowns of machines, that aren’t being serviced regularly according to manufacturer’s guidelines. This places the company in a precarious position with stockholders, owners and investors and risks the safety of its employees.


Utilize company stats

You’ve crunched the numbers as described above; now arm yourself with preventive maintenance plan goals. Insert the company’s stats to explain how much it will save annually per asset/machine.

Explain that the plan will work by starting small with one or two assets/machines, but will grow to include more assets over time.

Prove ROI

Prove the return on investment by illustrating the problem versus the solution.


The Problem

How many machines are replaced every year over a 10-year span?

How many working hours are lost because the company uses corrective, emergency maintenance? Insert real numbers to prove the loss.


Bring home the solution

The numbers will prove that utilizing a preventive plan will increase the lifespan of machines by X number of years.

Implementing a preventive maintenance plan will save X number of emergency corrective/repair hours annually.

Keep your overall presentation to prove preventive maintenance effectiveness brief.

A powerpoint presentation using few words but effective bullet point messaging will go a long way and a picture graph is worth a thousand words.

Finally, actualize the plan by setting up obtainable easy tasks that will establish traction resulting in measurable ROI.



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